What does E.O.M.S. stand for?

E.O.M.S. is an acronym for Environmental Operations Management Services, Inc.

What does E.O.M.S. do?

E.O.M.S. Recycling specializes in paper recycling, composting, roll-off rentals, office clean outs, document shredding & destruction, electronics recycling, light bulb recycling, media destruction, & solid waste removal.

Can you recycle mixed paper, bottles & cans, and plastics in one container?

Yes, that is called “single stream recycling,” and is an extremely user friendly recycling program for all types of businesses and residential applications.

Are you licensed to work with public schools, towns, cities, & municipalities located in the State of Massachusetts?

Yes. In fact, we have been awarded a state contract for solid waste & recycling services (FAC33). Our contract number is ST1J391, and our vendor code is VC6000181905.

What geographical areas does E.O.M.S. Recycling, Inc. cover?

E.O.M.S. Recycling, Inc. (Environmental Operations Management Services) is a family-run, locally owned and operated, full-service recycling and waste removal company servicing Greater Boston, the North and South Shores, Metro West, Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Rhode Island.


Education helps make a recycling program work.

Our philosophy is to offer education not only to our current customers, but to any size business, school, or government agency that is interested in decreasing their carbon footprint and becoming more environmentally conscious.
Education raises awareness about the recycling programs within a facility.

Education offers an avenue to ask questions about the specifics of a program.

Education eliminates any speculation on the details regarding what materials go where.

Education will enhance participation, and can rejuvenate an existing program or initiate a positive start to a new recycling program.

We come to you. There is no charge for site visits including a waste audit to help you develop a program which best meets your needs.

We offer educational programs for all types of groups from schools, local chambers, & clubs – all the way to “corporate green teams.”

You can email us or call our office at 508-587-9686 to make an appointment to have one of our recycling professionals come to you at a time that is convenient.
After your waste audit, if you implement a recycling program, we provide you with a “Gone Green” certificate to hang in your lobby to let everyone know that your organization is a steward of the environment.