E.O.M.S. Recycling, Inc. (Environmental Operations Management Services) is a family-run, locally owned and operated, full-service recycling and waste removal company servicing Greater Boston, the North and South Shores, Metro West, Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Rhode Island.

Founded in 1995 by Lou Tarentino as a Food Distribution Company

While Lou was servicing his food customers, he noticed a significant amount of his clients’ cardboard was being thrown in trash dumpsters.  This cardboard not only took up precious space in his customers’ dumpsters, it also was a recyclable material that could be salvaged and repurposed. 
Lou started offering his customers cardboard collection and the rest was history. All of this was done with his small pick-up truck and a trailer.  At night, Lou bundled the cardboard to prepare it for the recycling facility the next morning.

A Local Recycling Innovator is Born

As his customers enjoyed a significant savings by diverting cardboard from their trash dumpsters, demand grew for recycling. Lou built his first “cardboard recycling dumpster” consisting of scrap metal, rope, and shopping cart wheels. Lou quickly earned the nickname “King of Cardboard.”

In 1996, Lou Purchased his First Front Load Packer and Containers

This allowed more efficient collection and separation of the recycled materials.
Today, E.O.M.S. Recycling has a fleet of dozens of vehicles and thousands of containers to handle all recycling needs,  solid waste trash removal, composting and more.

E.O.M.S. Recycling offers these services to commercial, industrial, and government entities.

Providing Education & Waste Law Compliance

E.O.M.S. Recycling provides its customers with sound resource management solutions as well as education through our free waste stream audits. 
From recycling paper and plastics to offering trash removal and composting services, E.O.M.S. Recycling ensures customer compliance of MASS DEP waste ban laws that many businesses may not be aware of, mitigating risk on their behalf.

The entire team at E.O.M.S. Recycling is committed to being “Stewards of the Environment” while providing exceptional value to our customers.